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Make your exercise or workout session more effective than ever before with our gorgeous V FABRIC BOOTY BAND SET. You will be amazed to know what's going to be its supportive part for your exercise or workout period.

  • Strong fabric is woven with unique stretch fibers to give a wide range of motion. These bands will never snap.
  • Its fabric is strong yet soft against the skin. They will not dig in, pinch or pull hairs.
  • The thick width and the inner latex grip we have sewn into the bands means they will not roll during ANY exercise. Our V Strength bands will help you get your perfect booty and legs fast. Easy to use and see results with just 15 minutes a day.
  • Challenge yourself with heavy, medium, and light resistance. Our bands also have the benefit of being all the same size – and the resistance comes from different elasticity within the fabric. This means the bands provide resistance in the full range of motion.
  • Complete expert-approved training guide and videos included.
  • Waterproof portable carry case to keep the bands together in your gym bag